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Singer & Actor


Nellie grew up in the North suburbs of Chicago, immersing herself in all the theater she could. After her first audition in fifth grade, “Do-Re-Mi” fully self-choreographed, she knew she’d be chasing that performance rush for the rest of her life.

Nellie’s vocal training, comedic timing, and honesty combine to make her a strong presence both onstage and off. Nellie enjoys playing the funny, bizarre, sad, thoughtful, inspiring, and larger than life characters. With a belief that everyone has a story to tell, Nellie’s favorite part of performing is having the opportunity to tell so many stories.

When Nellie is not snuggling with her cats or crafting she can be found researching and discussing (with anyone who will listen) the history, current social context, and future of the American musical.


Photos by Alex Crossland Photography and Indvisual Films

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